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Week in Review: February 27th - March 6, 2017

I'm going to try something different. I'm just not feeling like going thru old Dragons looking for crunch to convert. I have a play report half written, but I'm burned out on doing those. We've been playing a whole lot more Magic: The Gathering than D&D recently.

I have been keeping up on reading blogs and message boards, though. So here's a collection of my favorite blog posts this week.

If you follow me on Google+ or Facebook, you've seen these links before. But here I talk about them!

I'm going to start out today with some maps. I'm a huge fan of Dyson Logos' maps. I will reshare just about every one of his. It's just not the cartography, though. It's the little story that comes with them. Just enough to spark the imagination.

 Secret tunnels beneath the graveyard     The Breached Fortress of Anoros

 Crypts and Tombs Beneath a Graveyard     Behind the Fallen God

Tribality is one of my favorite pages to go to. Excellent team of writers that cover a breadth of topics. Brandes Stoddard's New Collection of Homebrew Content sent me down the rabbit hole!

That Tribality page added some to blogs to my feed. I ended up digging thru a bunch of pages of stuff at Kobold Press.
For a magic item, I really liked the Silver Hatchet, by Davide Quatrini, It's inspired by Baron Munchausen.
Trapmaster: The Woodpile, by Michael Allen is a classic "Think it Thru" trap. Deadly if you barge right in, harmless if you figure it out.
Out of the Frying Pan: Loyalty Beyond Death by James Haeck is a great collection of recurring encounters with an undead knight.
I'm also a big fan of random tables that make things interesting. 50 Treasures of the Southlands, by Richard Pett (part 1, part 2), has a nice collection of pseduo-Egyptian loot for your treasure piles!

Another new page for me was Tales of the Monkey King. Lee Hammock had a useful write up of barter-based economies.

Jeremiah McCoy's The Basics of the Game brought an interesting post on Rules for Spell Books. His examples of the Ivory Tome and the Scrolls of Ignatius have been added to my treasure list.

I've long had a fascination with the fey market, or the goblin market. I've been wanting to have a game set in the feywild for quite awhile, but it just never seems to happen. Stephen at System Sans Setting had a great three-part series on these mysterious bazaars with Come Buy, Come Buy. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Middle Finger of Vecna consistently churns out crunch for 5e. Weird West is another genre that I hope to use someday. The Finger has posted a new class, The Gunslinger. MFoV also makes their stuff available as a PDF, which I am a fan of!

Black Shark Enterprises is known for their pirate and seafaring content, but this week Mark S. Cookman gives you another rabbit hole, with A Few Online Tools to Help You Run Your Game.

Trey Causey's From the Sorcerer's Skull is one of my long time favorites. His adventure idea for Strange Stars, The Wreck of the Golden Dawn, is fantastic.

I have saved the best for last, Hack and Slash's  Courtney Campbell's musings On the Dead.

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