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Saurians of Eska

I wanted to have lizardfolk as a playable race for Eska, but I wanted them to be different.  I toyed with the idea of asabi or firenewts, but none of them really clicked.  Then I was going through Dragon Magazine #103 and there it was...towards the back, in the Ares section, the Saurians, for Star Frontiers, by Jeffrey Bouley.  I'd only ever played a few sessions of Star Frontiers back in the day, but I do remember adding these guys into my playable options. The article in Dragon listed four subraces, but I didn't see enough mechanical differences to support all four, so I chose two, the Kavak and the Talsoi. Saurian The saurians are one of the original races of Eska. For a time they lived in peace, enjoying profitable trade with nearby humans. Soon, however, the orcs became aware of the saurians and regarded them as both a threat and a challenge to be overcome. The orcs descended in waves on the unsuspecting saurians, destroying whole populations in the process. T

Hobgoblins of Eska (Nuin'ohtar or Muukuukek)

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