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Warforged of Eska

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Variant for charged magic items "magic focusing"

Wanting to take a break from the races of Eska (even though I only have the warforged left), I've been reading through old issues of Dragon Magazine for things to convert to 5e. While I've found plenty of cool articles and short fiction to read, (not to mention Snarf Quest and Wormy), there has been a lack of things that would port well into 5th Edition. Then I was reading issue #111. While I've barely got into the issue, the first article really caught my eye. Good Stuff, For a Spell. Magic focusing, a new dimension for possessions , by John M. Maxstadt. It provides a variant idea for powering charged magic items such as wands and staffs. The old school 81 charge wand of fireballs, for example, never struck my fancy. Players either hoarded charges and mostly forgot about them, or used them at every opportunity, blasting everything until all charges were gone. I'm not really a fan of 5th Edition's 7 charges that regenerate, either. I'm not really