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Humans of Eska

I would like to first give out a big thanks to everyone that reads these posts.  Looking at my blog statistics, out of my top ten viewed posts, 7 of them have come in the last two months.  I'm excited about this expanded audience.  If you like what you see, consider supporting my Patreon ! It's been pointed out to me a while back that it seems that they could very well be no humans on Eska, that it seemed very elf-centric.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  I felt that recent events (if you could call a 1000-year elf war recent), formed the core of what is going on in Eska, and that the elves story needed told first.  Actually, human mercanaries formed the bulk of most of the elvish armies.  The elves viewed human lives as more disposable than the elves, and often it was cheaper to pay for mercenary companies then to use their magic to create the hobgoblins and huan'apanonar. The history and core of Eska does revolve around elves, but theirs is a society on

Village of Forest Green, by Dave Black

Found a great free resource, The Village of Forest Green by Dave Black. "In the outskirts of the Shale Mountains, bordering a great forest, lies the village of Forest Green.  The village has been many things over the years: a logging camp, a wizard’s refuge, a military outpost and now a blossoming gathering place for adventurer’s looking to plunder hidden ruins and test themselves against the dangers of the deep forest, or to seek passage through the great swamp to the peaks beyond. This module was originally created for my AD&D world of Uruth, but I have converted it for use with D&D 5 th edition rules. Inside you will find maps, plot hooks and details of the village and its major personalities so that you can use Forest Green in your own campaign." You can locate the Village of Forest Green here . n the outskirts of the Shale Mountains, bordering a great forest, lies the village of Forest Green. The village has been many things over

26 New Ioun Stones

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Surface Dwarves of Eska (Sabrak)

The dwarves of Eska came a bit easier this time around.  I felt like the elves were a bit of a roadblock, being as they are a "keystone" on Eska.  The dwarves also had a chance to percolate a bit more in my head and finally come together. Since I've been trying to give each race a unique weapon and a unique mount.  That's the parts I was stuck on with the dwarves, but then the solutions are almost painfully obvious. Surface Dwarves of Eska Before the Kinslayer Wars, the dwarves of Eska were pretty much your typical stereotypical dwarves.  They lived in their great hall Drukat Khaz.  They spent their time mining, forging, and feasting.   When the Kinslayer Wars began, they stayed out of it, considering it “elven affairs”.  They turned away all offers of alliance from the different factions, and even refused offers to be mercenaries, considering such work beneath them.  They hoped to just wait out the Wars, secure in their halls.   The mori’edhel, t