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Shepherds of Pineford - Play Report and Mini-Review

Wow, over two months since my last blog post. Work has seriously taken a turn for the worse, with overtime taking over my free time. I'll pick back up with another play report. I've gone through some Dragon Magazines recently, but there has been few things to convert for several issues. This is from an older session, so I'll be lacking on some of the details. In our previous game, the party had tracked down the goblin Iong to Cahill Abbey . Iong had incurred some hefty gambling debts and the group was there to collect the bounty. Speaking of our group, they are all 5th level and consist of: Ash.  She's a fire genasi valor bard with the entertainer background. Tulgasora.  Originally a half orc  bull totem  barbarian with the  bounty hunter  background. Since there are no orcs on Eska, but my son liked the half orc mechanics, we reskinned him as a "savage hobgoblin", and not from one of the organized troops. Pyric.   Aasimar   celestial  sorcerer wit