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Quagmire (Living Quicksand)

Dragon Magazine #127 had once creature in it that immediate jumped out at me as belonging on Eska. The quagmire was originally created by Scott Bennie, and I built my conversion upon James Introcaso's young gaping maw , with a few changes. SPEEDPAINT - Swamp by   tgw-Raptor Scattered among the coastal swamps and marshlands of Eska, a curious ooze has developed, the quagmire, or living quicksand. They are quite a natural hazard to those who are unaware of their presence. Saurians on Eska have developed a bit of a relationship with quagmires, and use them as defensive hazards around their sviks. Once a quagmire has been identified, they mark the area around it, often with discreet marks on surrounding trees and rocks. A DC 15 Intelligence (Nature) or Wisdom (Survival) check is required to identify these markings. Saurians gain advantage on these checks, though members of the closest svik will know where the quagmires are located without having to make a check. After the are

Bazaar of the Bizarre: Archer's Best Friend

My newest Pay What You Want entry to the DM's Guild is a collection of ten bows and ammunition converted mostly from an article in Dragon Magazine #127, but I also updated the Bow of Doubling from Dragon Magazine #99's Treasure Trove II that I had previously converted here. I present to you, Bazaar of the Bizarre: Archer's Best Friend . Updated 4/25/16 with two new items! Please check out my DMs Guild titles! Airs of Ages Past , Nine magical harps from the Forgotten Realms By Magic Masked , Nine magical masks from the Forgotten Realms Bazaar of the Bizarre: Rings that Do Weird Things , Twenty-one magical rings Grognard’s Grimoire: Sorcerers , Player’s options for the sorcerer class.

Mists of Akuma, a preview

I was recently contacted by Mike Myler  and given a sneak peak into his upcoming Mists of Akuma  setting for 5e. It's going to be released by Storm Bunny Studios , with the Kickstarter going live on April 29, 2016. Described as "Eastern Fantasy Noir Steampunk" for 5e D&D, this is a setting that absolutely drips with flavor. "The year is 3466; monsoons have become more and more common since the roiling, demon-spewing Mists of Akuma first appeared, and the sun’s light grows duller with every day that passes after the end of the War of Kaiyo more than a century ago. A pall of darkness has fallen on Soburin and even its greatest heroes are mired in the petty intrigues and never-ending slights of aggressive clans. Spellswords and mercenaries cross the countryside in search of fortune, leaving the poor and meek to fend for themselves or die in the harsh reality of a broken world where technology has been either abandoned as heresy or perilously embraced." Ful