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Goblins of Eska

I apologize for the lack of updates. I work for UPS, and with the Christmas season, had little time and even less energy to devote to gaming. I wanted to do the goblins last time, but wasn't feeling the inspiration, so I worked up the obsidian giants . Decided to go back to the goblins and it turned out I had them about 80% written already! A Christmas miracle! There are a few goblin as playable races for 5e already written that I liked, but that weren't really fitting my vision for Eska's goblins. I did borrow pieces and combined them into my version. Thanks to Wrath of Zombie and his blog, TheHobgoblin on EnWorld, and Samuel Van Der Wall at RPG Alchemy . The grey goblin subrace is my own. I do like the Bug Collector and Fire Breath subraces from Wrath of Zombie , and the Forest and Hill goblins from TheHobgoblin . I plan on offering these as options on Eska, with most of the wild tribes being a mix of these (and possibly other) subraces. Goblins of Eska Th

Obsidian Giant

Throughout the Kinslayer Wars, the gray elf wizards performed all manner of experiments to increase the grey elves armies without any elves having to give up either their lives or their immortality . The early centuries of the Wars saw many aberrations summoned and monstrosities created and released upon the land.  While the hobgoblins , their greatest success, came in the late stages of the Kinslayer Wars, the early centuries of the Wars saw many failures. The obsidian giants were an ingenious idea towards the beginning of the Kinslayer Wars. A sort of power armor that an elf could don and fight in, and not give up their immortality. Initially a success, the obsidian giants soon proved to be a failure. They helped win a key early battle, but the horrible truth of their fate caused much sorrow. I converted the obsidian giants from the wonderful Teratic Tome . I started with the stone giant stats as a framework and tweaked from there. Obsidian Giant Huge humanoid (elf), chaoti

Huan'apan of Eska (Dog men)

I had originally had thoughts of using gnolls as a playable race on Eska, and using them much in the same way as I use the hobgoblins , and the goblins that are still to come. Somewhere along the line the thought of three "evil" races working for the elves seemed a bit off, so the gnolls kept getting pushed down the to do list until I came up with something.  Then, back in September, William Paterson posted his 5e version of the cooshie , and it dawned on me that an anthropomorphic cooshie was a better fit than a gnoll. It took me awhile to get all the details right. The wand of teeth is a conversion of an item that originally appeared in Dragon Magazine #102, written by Ed Greenwood. Alas Supersonicas Huan’apan Another one of the “young” races of Eska, the huan’apan were created by a combination of taur’edhel (wood elf) druids and sorcerers awakening and mutating their pet cooshee during the Kinslayer Wars. Seeing the success of the hobgoblins, the taur’edhel wa