Saturday, September 12, 2015

26 New Ioun Stones

I've stepped away from blogging to start cleaning up my files.  I've been using Google Drive to build up my own personal SRD.  It's a combination of rules from the free Basic Rules as well as things I copy and paste from other blogs and message boards that I like. Those that follow me on Google+ see the things that I add, since I always make it a point to share the things that I use.  I've spent the time fixing up my organization of my files and folders.

Here are some Ioun stone variants from Dragon Magazine #174 that I was waiting on the DMG to come out to convert.  Matthew P. Hargenrager wrote the original article about Ioun stones, and where they come from, as well as some new ones.  I converted most of them.  He had a few that provided saving throw bonuses against certain types of damage, which I changed to resistance, and added some to cover each damage type.proxy

Comprehend Languages (Uncommon).  This light blue prism allows you to understand all spoken languages.

Darkvision (Uncommon).  This deep purple prism grants you darkvision to a 60’ range, or doubles existing darkvision.

Etherealness (Legendary).  You can use this bright silver cylinder to go ethereal for a one-hour duration.  You can only go ethereal once per long rest.

Free Action (Very Rare).  While this cerulean blue rhomboid floats around your head, difficult terrain doesn’t cost you extra movement.  In addition, magic can neither reduce your speed nor cause you to be paralyzed or restrained.

Gaseous Form (Rare).  Using this brown rhomboid the user and 200 lbs. of possessions can assume gaseous form for a one-hour duration, once per long rest.

Levitation (Rare).  You can use this lavender ellipsoid to levitate at will.

Light (Common).  You can command this yellow sphere to shed light, as the cantrip, on command.

Life Protection (Very Rare).  While this soft black rectangle rotates you are protected from life draining attacks.  Your hit point maximum cannot be reduced by spells or attacks that lower your hit point maximum.

Magic Resistance (Very Rare).  With this clear sphere rotating around your head, you have Advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

Polymorph (Very Rare).  Using this rainbow spindle, you can polymorph for up to one hour.  You can only polymorph once per long rest.

Vitality (Uncommon).  You can command this brass lozenge to add 2d4 + 2 temporary hit points that last for an hour.  You can use this ability once per long rest.

Water Breathing (Rare).  This blue green spindle gives you water breathing at will.

Water Walking (Rare). You can use this pale yellow lozenge to water walk at will.

Acid Resistance (Uncommon).  A sizzling orange hexagonal prism that provides resistance to acid damage.

Bludgeoning Resistance (Uncommon). A purplish sphere that provides resistance to bludgeoning damage.

Cold Resistance (Uncommon).  A flickering white snowflake that provides resistance to cold damage.

Fire Resistance (Uncommon).  A pulsing red star that provides resistance to fire damage.

Force Resistance (Uncommon).  A crackling blue triangular prism that provides resistance to force damage.

Lightning Resistance (Uncommon).  A silver rod that provides resistance to lightning damage.

Necrotic Resistance (Uncommon).  A deep black sphere that provides resistance to necrotic damage.

Piercing Resistance (Uncommon).  A dusty rose prism that provides resistance to piercing damage.

Poison Resistance (Uncommon).  A green sphere that provides resistance to poison damage.

Psychic Resistance (Uncommon).  A clear crystal that provides resistance to psychic damage.

Radiant Resistance (Uncommon).  A shining white star that provides resistance to radiant damage.

Slashing Resistance (Uncommon).  A magenta prism that provides resistance to slashing damage.

Thunder Resistance (Uncommon).  A onyx rhomboid that provides resistance to thunder damage.

PDF is now available for download!

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