Saturday, September 20, 2014

Elemental Specialist Wizards

I've long been a fan of specialist wizards.  Ever since 2nd Edition AD&D introduced them I've used them, and even expanded it to elementalist wizards.  Back then it was easy.  All you had to do was make a new spell list.  All fire spells went into the fire list.  Sometimes you had to reskin a spell.  Mage armor?  Now it's stone armor.  Magic missile fires bolts of air, ect.

5e adds some new challenges, with specialists gaining special abilities.  I've been tweaking and trying to come up with some ideas.  What I have below is more of a rough draft than anything.  I'm not completely happy with what I have, not sure how it all balances out with all the other specialists.  So I welcome feedback to push this into final form.

Specialists gain powers ar 2nd, 6th, 10th and 14th level.  I've done a bunch of googling and finding other versions for other editions.  I've cherry picked ideas that I liked and seemed to fit in with the power levels.  At some levels I have more than one option.  Not sure if I want to leave choices or which one I like better.  Here they are in rough form, in some cases just copy and pasted from other sources.

Of course, like the other specialties, they all get the savant at 2nd level, where cost and time for writing spells in your book are half.

I have the evocation abilities in as reference.

Air feather fall at will -or- breathless, don’t need to breathe
Earth immune to prone -or- fast healing, +level to hit die rolls when in contact with earth or stone
Fire produce flame at will
Water create or destroy water at will
Evocation sculpt spell
Air levitate at will -or- gust of wind at will
Earth acid cloud
Fire lingering flame (can maintain fire spell 1 additional round)
Water create wave, knocks victims prone
Evocation expanded cantrip
Air fly at will -or- gaseous form at will
Earth earth glide, move thru earth
Fire dancing flame, moves fires
Water water walk at will -or- control water at will
Evocation +int mod to spell damage
Air Elemental shape
Earth Elemental shape
Fire Elemental shape
Water Elemental shape
Evocation overchannel



At October 3, 2014 at 10:38 AM , Blogger Jon Bupp said...

Wasn't really a fan of what I had worked up here, but luckily I found an Elemental sorcerous bloodline that someone else had written up that I like. My player likes it too, so he'll be converting to a sorcerer.


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