Friday, March 17, 2017

Entering Orod'tal

Orod'tal, is the capital city of the Mith'edhel, or the gray elves of Eska. It was once the capital of all of Eska, before the Kinslayer Wars.

Dome Cityby Ishutani

Located in the upper reaches of the Earka'orod Mountains, it began as a grand domed city. As the capital of an empire, it flourished rapidly despite it's remote location. A vast city spread out around the original dome. As Orod'tal grew, only the grey elves were allowed to live in the dome proper, and only those non-Mith'edhel of high rank or special privilege are allowed entry.

The outer city is as bleak as it's surroundings, but the inside of the dome is almost another world entirely.

The entry to the dome is thru a tunnel of flowers. Even in the depths of winter, the tunnels feel like a warm spring day.
Inspired by the Wisteria Tunnel at Kawacha Fuji Gardens.

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