Thursday, January 15, 2015

Critical Hits and Fumbles

In our session this past weekend when we played through part of The Three Faces of Evil, the second part of the Age of Worms I tried out using a new critical/fumble system.  Two sessions, one being combat heavy, and I think the system held up well, and the kids liked it, too.

I had been using this critical generator from the d20PFSRD, but it relies heavily on ability modifications, which aren't supported in 5e.  I found myself re-rolling (or clicking) sometimes several times until I got a result that seemed to fit.

I wanted to keep it simple, and since I'm a fan of Advantage/Disadvantage, I based it on that mechanic.  Also, since I like dice (honestly, who doesn't), I bought some new dice to help illustrate this in game.

On a critical hit, roll all damage dice a second time and add any modifiers, as per RAW.  In addition, you gain Advantage on your next attack roll.  To keep track, I give a steel/silver colored die to the player/monster that got the crit and place it on the table under their miniature.

On a fumble, you automatically miss.  You gain Disadvantage on your next attack roll, OR you get the choice of something cinematic (drop weapon, fall prone, ect.).  The black/yellowish green die would represent the fumble.

Finally, since I was buying dice, I got some gold ones to hand out for Inspiration.

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