Ancient Fishing Village

World's Coolest Picture
by Chris Scaturo

 I love the internet. Okay, it may not be the coolest picture but it might be top eight, no more than ten, twelve max.   Anyway, I often spend hours looking at pictures on google (no, not those pictures) trying to create a vivid setting for my D&D games.   This beauty is the result of the search "ancient fishing village".

You might use this as a pirate cove or home to a neolithic society but in my world, this is an old fishing village that met an unpleasent demise.    Home to twentyish humans, the village thrived on the fruits of the sea until they came.   They are a set of twin elves with a little bit of power in necromatic and enchanting spells and a lotta bit of a bad attitude.   The brother and sister charmed, and de facto enslaved the native people.  In time, the villagers rebelled against their new masters and in the fight for control of the village everyone perished.

The pair of elves rose from the dead as banshees and the humans are now zombies.   Both groups stay away from each other and are confined to the village.  The banshees cannot travel more than one mile from their elven bones and the zombies, fuelled by their anger, stay close to their former enemies.  If the banshees are destroyed the zombies will unanimate (deanimate?) as their spirits move on.

If for some reason the banshee's bones are moved  off the island, three zombies will transform into revenents in one week and search the bones down.


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