Oil of Phosphorescence

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I got the early round of making the feast today.  Got the turkey in the roaster, stuffing in the slow cooker, a (frozen) pumpkin pie baked and the sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole put together, and gravy made.  My wife got second shift, which pretty much involves getting everything out and making the mashed potatoes and dinner rolls.  So that leaves me to watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and knock out a quick blog post before it's time to eat.

Jumping into Dragon Magazine #91, which looking at it now I must never have gotten in my youth.  This is a completely new issue to me.  I will say, I dig the cover.

Nice collection of magic items in this issue, the first of which is the Oil of Phosphorescence, by Michael Persinger.

Oil of Phosphorescence
Potion, uncommon

A slight application of this oil will cause the user to believe that it
is some other form of magical oil, generally oil of etherealness.  A dose is enough oil to cover a Medium creature and the equipment it wears and carries, which takes 10 minutes.

However, when it is fully applied, your skin will suddenly start to glow as if it were aflame. This bioluminescence is permanent, and can only be negated by remove curse. The glow emitted from your body is usually a yellow-green color, and you are highly visible at night or against dark surroundings. All attempts to hide, short of covering yourself completely in blankets, hiding in another room, or going invisible, are doomed to fail.  Opponents gain Advantage on all attacks against you.


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