Rock Gnomes of Eska

Rock Gnome

The rock gnomes of Eska mechanically are like the gnomes in the 5e Player’s Handbook.  Physically, their skin has taken on a rough, pebbly stone-like texture.  This provides no protection, though.

The rock gnomes sought to escape the wars that ravaged Eska and drove them from their homes.  They scavenge ruins for metal, wood and stone that they can use to create.  Using their ingenuity they built their massive crawlers that have become their roaming homes.  Powered by magic, each crawler is large enough to support a small gnome clan or large family.

Equipped with cranes, furnaces, workshops and lots of living and/or storage space, crawlers are perfect as mobile headquarters, shops, and homes for the diminutive junk scavengers. Rooftop gardens provide food.  The vehicles play a large role in gnome society. One of the most important days for most gnomes was the annual meeting of crawlers. They are also key in gnomish defense doctrine: the vehicle's armor is strong enough to protect from most attacks.

Using the magic that powered the crawlers, the gnomes have built what has become their most fantastic creation, the warforged.  The warforged protect the gnomes and their crawlers from the roving bands that would seek to rob the gnomes.  There has also been a good market in selling warforged off as well.  

The gnomes make their living as craftsmen and traders, always traveling, though.  They are generally distrustful of the elves because they started the wars.  They feel pity towards the dwarves, and generally cut them good deals.  Most others they are distrustful of, though generally willing to do business with.

Gnomes of Eska worship Garl Glittergold.

Inspiration for the crawlers was taken from Wookieepedia.


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