Wand of Mirrors

The wand of mirrors originally appeared in Dragon Magazine #102 in an article "Nine Wands of Wonder" by Ed Greenwood.  I changed the name from wand of magical mirrors, and edited down the language.  I always feel that these 1st Edition AD&D  items were too wordy.

Wand of Mirrors
Rare magical wand
These wands were made by the archmage Glendar, who, though good and noble in life, became a lich, and was later destroyed. The knowledge of their making is now lost. Perhaps twenty were made, and most survive in the possession of powerful mages, or in treasure, caches.

Activation of this wand creates an opaque, silvery, and reflective circular shield of force. This shield appears wherever the wand is pointing, 10’ distant from the wielder of the wand, facing outward. Its surface will reflect images (including gaze attacks) like a mirror; the wand wielder can look through the mirror as though it was a window without suffering any harm from such attacks.  Also, viewing through the mirror gives you truesight.

The mirror-shield lasts for 1d6+2 rounds and moves as you move the point of the wand. Each wand can only have one shield created from it in existence at a time (the first shield will instantly vanish if a second is created). You need not concentrate on the shield to maintain its existence, and can even put the wand down or pass the wand to another (who thereby assumes control of the shield’s location).

The shield has no tangible physical existence; it can neither ward off attacks nor be used as a weapon. Creatures pass through it as though it does not exist. It will, however, reflect color spray spells striking it from any direction directly back at the caster, and harmlessly dispel darkness.  

Each creation of such a shield drains one charge from the wand, and such wands are not rechargable.

Download a PDF of this item here.


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