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We jump ahead a few issues of Dragon again.  Had to skip over a few things that I'd like to revisit once we have more rules in our hands.  Some variations on the rakshasha as well as a couple articles on familiars, both magical and mundane.  Here on Dragon #86, we get a few more magic items.  This issue has the second of three chess themed covers.  All three of them are some of my favorites.

The article had five items, but I'm only going to convert three of them.

Rust Dust
Uncommon wondrous item
Rust dust looks like a fine metallic powder.  It is usually contained in small silk pouches for dispersal by hand or in small bone tubes for spreading by blowing thru the tube.  One pouch covers a 10 ft. radius, while a tube will create a 20 ft. long cone, 1 ft. wide at the start, and 15 ft. wide at the end.

You have 1d6+4 uses of rust dust.  Any non-precious metallic materials in the area of effect will rust and fall into useless scrap within 1 round.  Semi-precious and precious metals, as well as magical items are not affected.

Necklace of Alteration
Very rare wondrous item, requires attunement
This is a silver necklace with twelve small globes of unidentifiable material suspended from it.  Each globe is identical to the others.

As an action, you can pull a globe from the necklace, and your skin and hair take on the appearance as the material that the globe is made of.  You also get an armor class bonus based on what globe you get.  Each globe can only be pulled once, after that, the globe is gone forever.  The effect lasts for 2d4 turns.  While under the effect of a globe, the necklace cannot be removed.  If not under the effect of a globe, you can remove the necklace and someone else can wear it.

You can roll 1d12 on the table below to see what globe you get.  As globes are used, you can roll smaller dice (1d10, 1d8, etc.) as the list gets smaller.

Special: If you are a wild mage, after you roll, can can choose your roll, or one slot above or below your roll.

Material, color: AC modifier

  1. Sandstone, light brown: +0
  2. Mithril, blue-silver: +8
  3. Gold, gold: +2
  4. Iron, dull gray: +7
  5. Platinum, silver: +4
  6. Granite, dull gray and red: +5
  7. Coal, dull black: -1
  8. Salt, dull white: -2
  9. Bronze, bronze: +6
  10. Adamantine, green-silver: +9
  11. Lead, dark gray: +3
  12. Wood, brown: +1
Legendary armor, requires attunement
You must be a fighter, ranger, barbarian, paladin or cleric to become attuned to this helm.  

There is only one Dragonhelm for each species of dragon.  These helms have dragon-like features and have inlays of precious metals and gemstones.  Each of the Dragonhelms is considered a minor artifact.

When worn, you have darkvision for 60 ft., and can detect invisibility for 30 ft.  

Once per day, you can radiate a frightful presence.  Each creature of your choice in a 120 ft. radius and aware of you must succeed at a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened for one minute.  A creature can repeat its saving throw at the end of each of it's turns, ending the effect on a success.  If a creature's saving throw is successful, or the effect ends for it, that creature is immune to your frightful presence for 24 hours.

Secret: After one month of using the Dragonhelm, even if only for a short time each day, you will begin to hoard money and valuables, refusing to part with the smallest copper piece unless absolutely necessary.  Each month you will use a lifestyle expenses one category cheaper than the previous month.  You will try to get others to support you, or may turn to theft or robbery if your alignment is neutral or evil.  After two months, you become increasingly egotistical, preferring to lead rather than follow, eventually approaching megalomania.  

Additionally, if you come within 120 ft. of an adult dragon of the species of the helm you are wearing, you will find it fascinating, as if you were under the effects of a charm person spell, unless you succeed at a DC 17 Wisdom saving throw.  This charm ends immediately if the helm is removed, unless you have worn the helm for more than a month, then the charm effect will last for 1-4 days after the helm is removed.
Black Dragonhelm


  1. One of my favorite covers of Dragon. The covers of Dragon magazine bring back a lot of good memories of us playing. Times were very care free and simple. Of course, it also helped that we weren't raising kids yet and were still in school!


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