Sunday, August 24, 2014

Six Very Special Shields, part 1, Reptar's Wall

I've spent a chunk of the last couple days reading the PHB.  I'm also a little burned out on monsters, so I'll mix it up with a magic item.  We're still in Dragon Magazine #89, an article "Six Very Special Shields", an interview with Elminster in which he details unique magic shields.

Reptar’s Wall

Armor (shield), unique, requires attunement
Named for the ranger who once bore it, the Wall is a large, heavy shield constructed of iron plates riveted to an iron frame. Its origin, lost in antiquity, is unknown. Two words are engraved on the frame in the common tongue, facing the bearer at eye level when the shield is held ready for battle: “Eiruvan” and “Thammis.”  The shield is magical, and has the following powers and abilities:

Despite its construction, the Wall does not rust or corrode, or conduct heat or cold, its metal remaining inactive. It is a +1 shield, and gives forth no sound when struck or dropped. It does not ring or grate, but is absolutely silent; the heaviest blows falling upon it cannot be heard.

When you speak or whisper the word “Eiruvan”, you and the shield, become invisible for up to an hour. Anything you are wearing or carrying is invisible as long as it is on the your person.  During this time you move silently, because of the shield’s sound- absorbing qualities, and can move about or strike at opponents while so concealed. An attack made on an opponent by you will cause the you and the shield to immediately become visible.  This power can only be used once a day, and the power resets each day at dawn.

The shield’s major power, made active when you speak or whisper the word “Thammis” while wearing the shield slung for use, is the ability to fly.  You gain a flying speed of 60 feet for up to 10 minutes.  You can carry up to 400 pounds with you.  The magic also confers full stability for wielding weapons in midair.

Secret: Use of the fly power has an unexpected side effect in that at the onset of flight, the nearest magic item or artifact will be permanently drained of one charge, which serves as energy to power the shield. If the nearest item is of a permanent nature and has no charges (e.g., a magical dagger), all of its powers are negated for 4 hours. The item closest to the shield is always affected, regardless of the your wishes.  You are usually unaware of the draining.  If no magic item is within 90 ft. of the shield when its fly power is activated, the shield’s own other abilities, including its sound absorption and +1 bonus, are negated for 6 hours.



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