Sword of Assassination

The Sword of Assassination was originally written by Bruce E. Wright, but here merely provides inspiration for my write up here, since his version relies heavily on the AD&D assassination rules.  Hopefully I roll well on my 2d20.

Sword of Assassination
Unique magic sword
The sword of assassination, also known as the ruby sword, is a potent weapon in the hands of an assassin. If handled by any other type of character, the sword appears to be (and can be used as) a regular blade.  

When used by an assassin character, the true nature of the sword of assassination is revealed.  It appears as a short sword made of ruby, with a dull red glow to it, enough to shed dim light.  

The sword of assassination has the following special abilities in the hands of an assassin:

  • When in disguise, the true appearance of the ruby sword can be concealed as any other normal weapon, as small as a dagger or as large as a pike or lance.  No matter what weapon it appears as, you have proficiency in it.

  • You can use your Assassinate ability against any creature in the first round of combat, even if the target has already acted in that round.

  • When you use your Death Strike ability, the strike does triple damage on a failed save.


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