Sword of Cowardice

Since the Everstriking Sword was one of my more popular posts recently, I'm happy to bring you another "cursed" weapon.  This creation by David Baldwin is not so much cursed, you can rid yourself of it, but it does come with a drawback.

Sword of Cowardice
Cursed magic sword
Developed by gods of mischief, such as Loki, this weapon is a magical sword +3 with a pommel formed in the shape of an animal,
monster, or human head.  This wonderful weapon, however, has also been infused with a cowardly personality. The first time it is swung at an opponent in combat, the sword’s head-shaped pommel will shriek in terror and cry for help. The noise will alert all creatures within a 120 foot radius.  The sword will continue to yell and cry for 2-12 rounds unless a silence spell is cast upon it.

The sword will also attempt to avoid combat, twisting in the user’s hands. The holder must make a successful Strength saving throw at the start of every combat round, or else the sword twists out of the user’s grasp and falls to the floor, still shrieking. If the user can hold onto the weapon, he may wield it normally during that round, with all appropriate bonuses to hit and damage.

Some of these swords are so timid that even being brought within sighting distance of a non-human monster will cause them to start shrieking. Though these swords are not cursed to remain with a particular owner, they are often regarded as too valuable to dispose of (how many +3 swords does one find?) and are kept despite their disadvantages.


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