Vision Globe

Next item up was originally a psionic item by Roger E. Moore.  Most of my reworking was just editing.

Vision Globe
Rare wondrous item
This is a crystal sphere 6 inches in diameter.  When you hold the globe in both hands you can project images that you receive from spells such as clairvoyance, ESP, telepathy, ect., so that the images will be visible to those who look into the globe.  Any mental pictures that are received from the mind of a contacted being, or images that show what a location looks like, are depicted in the vision globe.  The globe will remain inert if it is held by a character who cannot use it.  

The vision globe will not transmit sound or speech, but can depict words if they come through as mental images (for example, if someone pictures in his mind what the word “dog” looks like, instead of thinking the word “dog” as the label that identifies a mental image of the animal).


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