Bracer of Bees

I'm in the process of making up spell, magic item and ability cards for my kids to use in our game.  I've noticed that there are a lot of things getting forgotten about because they are just a line on a character sheet.  During this process, I found a new item that I got out of the Fantasy Hero game version of Keep on the Borderlands that one of the characters have that I don't have a 5e write up for.  Lylas the elven rouge in my Age of Worms group has.

Bracer of Bees
Uncommon wondrous item, requires attunement
This single gold and obsidian honeycomb bracer is in decorated with bees, that seem to subtly move about in and out of the honeycomb .  Using a standard action, you remove and throw the bracer with a range of 15/30.  While in the air the bracer transforms into a swarm of insects (MM pg. 338).  If the insect swarm is killed, the bracer is destroyed.  

If you are attuned with the bracer, you can recall the swarm as a bonus action.  

You can only summon the insect swarm once per full moon.


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