I jumped on Mythoard's second month a few weeks ago and my package arrived today.  Quite happy with the hoard!

Nothing beats the joy of fun mail.

Be sure to ask an adult for help.  Scissors are required to open.

Behold the wonders within!

  • Two Mythoard folders with some awesome art on the front.
  • Unpainted gnome wizard mini.
  • A button with the same gnome.
  • 2 blazing orange swirled dice, a d4 and a d8.
  • The Powers That Be, a Pits and Perils supplement.  A interesting pantheon of gods.
  • A creature deck.  54 monster cards with some awesome artwork and system neutral info on the backs.  I got the fey, constructs and wildlife deck.
  • 2 card sleeves.  Always useful.
  • A map of Tenkar's Tomb.
  • A cardstock sheet, "The Guns of Brimstone", a preview of old west era firearm rules for DCC RPG, Black Powder, Black Magic.
  • Another cardstock sheet, "The Brimstone Epitaph".  DCC RPG old west "newspaper".  Stories on the front, the flip side being "The Real Story", a DM eyes only explanation of the odd things happening on the front.

Overall a great batch of useful and fun stuff!  I can't wait to fully explore the contents!


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