Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, part

Read more about our adventures in Saltmarsh here.

This wasn't really a true session.  This was more just a wrap up of our previous session.  Never even got out dice or character sheets, just sat around the living room discussing things.

Our group gathered up all the loot and smuggled goods into the small boat they found in the smuggler's cave and sailed back to Saltmarsh.  The Dockmaster seemed surprised to see them sail into town again, as he helped them sell the last boat they had.  When informed of the goods on board, the Dockmaster told the party of the taxes that would need to be paid on the goods they were bringing to town.  Realizing the hassle of taxes and then selling of the high end silks and brandy in such a backwater town, Garret told the story of the house and the smugglers, and how they were turning in the goods as evidence to the town council, as well as whatever clues and other information they had gathered.  The Dockmaster let them take personal goods from the boat, and had his men secure the boat.

That evening they were summoned to an emergency meeting of the council.  They waited patiently in the outer chamber as they heard the heated discussion of how to handle the situation.  After a bit they were brought in before the seven members of the council.  The council first thanked the party and awarded them with half of the value of the goods that they had turned in.  Then came the offer...

The party obviously has the skills and expertise to take on a criminal organization, something the town itself cannot do on its own.  Our heroes had tuned in the signal codes that they had recovered from the smugglers.  It was deduced that an incoming ship would signal the house, and the house would respond and the goods would then be dropped off.  The council would station a half dozen men at the house to take shifts on watch, looking for the signal.  When the ship approached, they needed the party to take the smuggler's boat (as well as a couple of men to sail the boat), and kill or capture these smugglers.  As the town does not have the money to reward them, they would be able to keep the smuggler's ship as well as half of the value of any goods found on board.  The council would also be able to furnish them with any mundane goods that they may need.

Garret, Henk, Faen, and Ander accepted the offer, for with a ship of their own, they could make their way to Monmurg on their own.

The next day, while at the Fishbone Inn planning, they were approached by Olan Colast, a respected merchant who owned the warehouse that the council was storing the goods in.  He congratulated them on their success against the smugglers, practically fawning over them.  Then he inferred that the party could make a good amount of cash taking over for the smugglers that they defeated, as opposed to plotting the downfall of the others.  They politely refused, wanting to stay on the good side of the law...

With that, we ended our mini-session.  Overall about 15-20 minutes.  Told the boys that they could now make their plans and make a list of supplies they will need.

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